The core business of Eutron is the design and manufacturing of electronic assemblies in a complex industrial environment

Eutron is a forward looking company striving to anticipate the technological evolution and future challenges of the “Intelligent World” forming around us. Complex system integration, Digital Technology and Wireless communications, together with Energy Efficiency and Green Technology are becoming key focus areas for the continuing success and growth of Eutron. Eutron offers tailored solutions to its customers.

With many years of proven experience in the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) arena serving a variety of customers - from multinational companies up to small start-up companies in different sectors - and a long history as part of top OEM’s, Eutron can be your partner to simply build your assemblies or to translate your ideas in designs and in products that can be manufactured from low volume high complexity to high volume at low cost. Strategic proximity to the Customer.

From contract manufacturing to product industrialization, we can support you in building products with the highest quality levels in the most complex manufacturing environments like Configure-To-Order, Make-To-Order, Direct Fullfilment.

The long experience and the technical capabilities, together with processes inspired to Lean Manufacturing Principles, allow us to offer design, manufacturing, test development, NPI support, Design-To-Cost and Cost Reduction Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions as well as After-Market Repairs and Logistic services.

Moreover we can support your design with our Prototyping Service and Product Data and Configuration Management in order to enable production and to have an effective NPI process, which means reduced time to market for our customers.‚Äč

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