With a total footprint of 10000 sqm in Italy and China, Eutron can globally serve its customers proposing the best solution for customer needs.

Closeness to customers’ facilities, total cost, demand changes and lead time can all be key factors to be taken into account to ensure a robust and realiable supply chain.
The two facilities in Pradalunga (Bergamo area, 30 Km East Milan) and Kunshan (50 km West Shanghai) have the same capabilities in terms of available technologies and processes and they have been standardized in order to ensure an effective knowledge sharing, to set-up a reliable NPI process and product transfer, to have a common set of indicators for yields, quality and productivity.

Eutron can offer value at both premises through:

  •  SMT and PHT assemblies
  • optical and X-ray inspections (AOI & X-ray)
  • parametric and functional tests (ICT & FCT)
  • coating lines
  • fast prototyping
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) management
  • IPC competencies
  • Lean-6 Sigma methodologies
  • High level after sales services

While Eutron Italy’s core competence is the (ultra) High-Mix-Low-Volume since ever, Eutron Kunshan, that was born as an high volume, low cost, production facility, is quickly evolving to an increasing product mix to better serve customers in the extremely dynamic Asian market.‚Äč Eutron Kunshan is located in one of the most industrialized areas of Asia Pacific, close to the financial city of Shanghai. The nearest accesses are Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao Airport, but it is also well connected to all main Chinese cities through newly built highways and the bullets trains network.
With a presence in China for more than 12 years, our knowledge of the market's dynamics is a plus for our international customers and their need to enlarge their market share.
The international management team works every day to serve Eutron's global customers, with a world class company culture.