Critical Success Factors

As a player in the Electronic Manufacturing Services arena, Eutron operates in a complex and global industrial environment with high pressure on manufacturing costs, high product mix, extreme customer demand volatility, tight quality and delivery requirements.

For this reason we work hard on what we believe to be our Critical Success Factors:

  • Flexibility - Capability to maintain an adequate service level despite customer demand variation managing an high mix of products;
  • Competitiveness - Capability to supply products, solutions and services at the best prices, terms & conditions of the EMS market;
  • Know-how / Competence - availability of knowledge, processes and technologies through investments and continuous improvement programs;
  • Service Level - Capability to satisfy customer requests in terms of deliveries and quality;
  • Customer Faith / Loyalty - capability to make a client a faithful customer, to keep a client’s business;
  • Global Supply Chain - Capability to manage a global supply chain in terms of sourcing, procurement, delivery.