Information Management

Eutron strongly believes in information technology, which combined with the expertise of its employees and the organization, promotes the achievement of corporate objectives.
As part of our continuous improvement process and in particular pursuing an integrated information management system, Eutron has adopted in recent years a new, international, modular and technologically advanced generation management system
Installed in 2010 in its Chinese subsidiary, and in 2013 in the Italian headquarters, has reduced drastically departmental software and the related issues of interfacing. Most importantly improved the quality, timeliness, usability and reliability of the data allowing all departments to work and access the data in real time and on an unique system.
Enabling tracing of lots, a careful and analytical accounting, meticulous collection of work time in production have become essential needs covered.
In 2014 the Business Intelligence project has allowed to transform the amount of data collected into high-value information on the management system, giving visibility to directional dept. concerning flow of information from two plants.

Eutron has set other goals:

  • activate on the ERP system multicompany between the seats, Italian and Chinese
  • enable the exchange of documents via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with customers and suppliers
  • implement VMI logic

All this to continue along this path: to give added value to the activities, reduce waiting times, improve planning and increase customer satisfaction.